Welcome / Gethsemane Matthew 26:36

Welcome to my new website with “Accent on the Bible” Podcasts.  I trust you have looked around the website and learned more about me and my ministry and read the "History of Accent on the Bible.”

It is with honor that I bring back the name that originated in a great little church with a big ministry – Artichoke Lake Baptist Church of Correll, Minnesota.  And it is a joy for me to do “radio broadcasting” again.  So thanks for listening.

A big thanks to Odie Lofton for taking my question “What do you know about podcasts?’  and running full speed with it. He is the tech expert, and I am the preacher.

Our desire is to provide weekly podcasts, and I will promote them on Facebook, and you can follow our podcasts on your favorite podcast app and get notified each time a new one is released. What a great deal that is!

As my welcome to the website states: “My goal is to encourage and strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ through the life-changing truths of the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.”

Next to this blog is my latest episode titled "Gethsemane", the first in a series of four programs for April on the Passion of Christ.

So, “Turn in,” “Listen up,” “Click on,” “Save as a Bookmark,” “Like on Facebook,”  “Download,” “Share,” or whatever, so you can be a part of this ministry.

Thank you!

To God be the Glory!

Pastor Phil


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