Hi, I'm Pastor Phil Butler! Welcome to my website.

My goal is to encourage and strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ through the life-changing truths of the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.

About Pastor Phil Butler

Pastor Phil has been preaching for over 44 years and pastoring for over 36 years. He was called of God to the ministry in high school. His education and experience have focused mainly on rural ministry, but he has also served in urban settings, and he has experience in radio broadcasting and directing a Bible Camp. Over the years Pastor Phil has done interior and exterior painting, farm labor, truck driving, school bus driving, and even helping at a local funeral home. Pastor Phil comes from a line of four generations of preachers in the extended Butler family. 

About Accent on the Bible

“Accent on the Bible” is a ministry of Pastor Phil Butler. Pastor Phil presents brief Bible commentary podcasts on various passages of Scripture. The Bible is God's Holy Word and is still applicable to us today, for Scripture is always timely and timeless.

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