BLOOPERS Bonus Release

BLOOPERS 2019 Bonus Release This will be our FINAL BONUS Release of Accent on the Bible as a Podcast.  This episode features Pastor Phil Butler and his producer and co-host Odie Lofton recanting the past year of podcasts and sharing behind the scenes thoughts from the podcast series. All of our current podcasts will be […]

Accent on the Bible Becomes A LIVE Radio Show!

Accent on the Bible BecomesA LIVE Radio Show!     Accent on the Bible with Pastor Phil Butler will be starting a new chapter in 2020 as a LIVE radio program and hopes to continue to grow.   With lots of prayer and support from our listeners we hope to continue to spread the Word of God […]

An Honest Perspective on Life. Ecclesiastes 12:13

An Honest Perspective on Life.Ecclesiastes 12:13S5-E4  King Solomon has some fascinating perspectives on life, even humorous at times. Do you find meaning in your life?  What gives you purpose for living? Is God part of the equation of your life?

Behind the Scenes of Accent on the Bible

Behind the Scenes of Accent on the BibleThis blog post is a little different as it’s not written by Pastor Phil, but the guy behind the scenes. Hey, this is Odie Lofton. If you’re in the Colfax, IA area then you probably know me personally. Over the past 6 months or so I’ve had the […]

Welcome / Gethsemane Matthew 26:36

Welcome / Gethsemane Matthew 26:36Welcome to my new website with “Accent on the Bible” Podcasts.  I trust you have looked around the website and learned more about me and my ministry and read the “History of Accent on the Bible.”It is with honor that I bring back the name that originated in a great little […]

Faithful in Ministry Colossians 4:17

Faithful in MinistryColossians 4:17S2-E3 Another one of my ministry verses is a call to be faithful in whatever ministry God has called me. What ministry has God called you?  Are you faithful to His call to serve the Lord?Accent on the Bible is becoming a LIVE RADIO SHOWAccent on the Bible is ending as a […]